Exactly on April 8, 2012, 12 aliens came down to earth from a world called EXO Planet. They were divided into two at first, seeing the same sky but standing on different grounds. No matter where they went, "WE ARE ONE" was a phrase which they've lived by to show that no matter where they are, we are all one. A year later the 12 aliens came together, evolved into Wolfs and sought to become the best.They conquered the humans hearts on earth with their aggressive yet protective charms and broke records that hasn't been broken in years. Now as our 12 aliens go back their own ways, split into two, we humans must see and cheer for them on their long journey. #2YearsWithEXO

June 04 2012, 01:24 AM


power: water, best friend: chanyeol, brother: luhan, lover: chanyeol, enemy: xiumin, killed by: chen


Best Friend: LUHAN

Brother: Xiu Min

Lover: SUHO

ENEMY: Sehun

Killed by: KRIS

Killed by the OG of Flight.Dayum.

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    Flight Best Friend: DO Kai Tao Lay Killed by: Baekhyun perfect list im crying
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    Power: Telepathy Chanyeol Suho Baekhyun D.O Killed By: Tao
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    Power: Flame Best friend: Xiumin Xiumin Baekhyun D.O. Killed by: Suho
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    i got the most fucked up results ever Telepathy Best Friend: Tao Kris Lover: Xiumin Enemy: Xiumin Killed by: Xiumin I’M...
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    Friend: D.O. (nooooooooooo!) Brother: Lay (i guess i could handle a hot brother…) Lover: Sehun (i feel wrong ‘cause he...
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    Power: Time control...Lover: D.O. (AWWW YIIIISSSS) Enemy: Kris (wow scary)
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    Telepathy Best friend: Chen Suho Tao D.O Killed by: Tao (wow really… I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME)
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    Power: Earth bEST FRIEND: Lay Baekhyun Sehun Luhan Killed by: Kai Hahahaha Luhan got jelly and told Kai to kill me~`
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    Time Control Best Friend: Kris D.O Tao Sehun Killed By: Tao Tao….
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    healing Best friend: Tao Xiumin Kris Kai Killed by: Baekhyun
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    power: telepathy, best friend: chanyeol!! (we derp together!), brother: sehun (YESH!), lover: Kai (OMG MANDY is right),...
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    Telepathy Baekhyun Kai Sehun Tao Killed by: Luhan LOL JEALOUS LUHAN? 8D i approve~~ …. except for the part where i...
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    Power: Timecontrol Best friend: Sehun Suho Kai (BIAS //CRIES RAINBOWS//) Sehun (…..best friend) Killed by: Baekhyun
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    LOL Power: Earth Best friend: Sehun Brother: Baekhyun Lover: Suho Enemy: Chanyeol Killed by: Kris ok
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    Time control (Oh yeah) best friend: Baekhyun (Haha cool) Chen (Oh yeahhh) D.O (Kyungsoo i’m so happy ^^) Suho (Why?)...
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    KRIS uuuuaaaaoooaaaa KRIS KRIS sciuaaaaaiiiaaaoooo *doing a propitiatory ritual* Ok, ready to start. Power —> Wind °w° I...
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