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yiha cat rocks


power: water, best friend: chanyeol, brother: luhan, lover: chanyeol, enemy: xiumin, killed by: chen


Best Friend: LUHAN

Brother: Xiu Min

Lover: SUHO

ENEMY: Sehun

Killed by: KRIS

Killed by the OG of Flight.Dayum.

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    Flight Best Friend: DO Kai Tao Lay Killed by: Baekhyun perfect list im crying
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    Power: Telepathy Chanyeol Suho Baekhyun D.O Killed By: Tao
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    Power: Flame Best friend: Xiumin Xiumin Baekhyun D.O. Killed by: Suho
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    i got the most fucked up results ever Telepathy Best Friend: Tao Kris Lover: Xiumin Enemy: Xiumin Killed by: Xiumin I’M...
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    Friend: D.O. (nooooooooooo!) Brother: Lay (i guess i could handle a hot brother…) Lover: Sehun (i feel wrong ‘cause he...
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    Power: Time control...Lover: D.O. (AWWW YIIIISSSS) Enemy: Kris (wow scary)
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    Telepathy Best friend: Chen Suho Tao D.O Killed by: Tao (wow really… I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME)
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    Power: Earth bEST FRIEND: Lay Baekhyun Sehun Luhan Killed by: Kai Hahahaha Luhan got jelly and told Kai to kill me~`
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    Time Control Best Friend: Kris D.O Tao Sehun Killed By: Tao Tao….
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    power: telepathy, best friend: chanyeol!! (we derp together!), brother: sehun (YESH!), lover: Kai (OMG MANDY is right),...
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    Telepathy Baekhyun Kai Sehun Tao Killed by: Luhan LOL JEALOUS LUHAN? 8D i approve~~ …. except for the part where i...
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    Power: Timecontrol Best friend: Sehun Suho Kai (BIAS //CRIES RAINBOWS//) Sehun (…..best friend) Killed by: Baekhyun
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    LOL Power: Earth Best friend: Sehun Brother: Baekhyun Lover: Suho Enemy: Chanyeol Killed by: Kris ok
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    Time control (Oh yeah) best friend: Baekhyun (Haha cool) Chen (Oh yeahhh) D.O (Kyungsoo i’m so happy ^^) Suho (Why?)...
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    KRIS uuuuaaaaoooaaaa KRIS KRIS sciuaaaaaiiiaaaoooo *doing a propitiatory ritual* Ok, ready to start. Power —> Wind °w° I...
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