Exactly on April 8, 2012, 12 aliens came down to earth from a world called EXO Planet. They were divided into two at first, seeing the same sky but standing on different grounds. No matter where they went, "WE ARE ONE" was a phrase which they've lived by to show that no matter where they are, we are all one. A year later the 12 aliens came together, evolved into Wolfs and sought to become the best.They conquered the humans hearts on earth with their aggressive yet protective charms and broke records that hasn't been broken in years. Now as our 12 aliens go back their own ways, split into two, we humans must see and cheer for them on their long journey. #2YearsWithEXO

May 28 2012, 10:35 PM


Our 7th appreciation post is dedicated to none other then EXO’s personal chief and fashionable maid, D.O.! Your story teller, I, Admin Cat will guide you through this “homely” 7th EXO member appreciation post! Please, have some cookies and milk D.O. umma has prepared and enjoy!~

LEAD VOCAL D.O. was born DO KYUNG SOO on January 12, 1993.

We first saw DO Kyungsoo singing ridiculous soulfull notes in EXO’s unintentional  baby maker prologue single “What Is Love.” Hitting powerful notes with an intense glare and a fierce presence, D.O. pulled off a powerful first impression letting us know we had a total bad ass singer on our hands while flying kites. 

But little did we know what Kyungsoo would unleash as soon as we came to know our EXO boys. 

Yes. Fierce D.O. had been found to be a man with a face that doesn’t lie. During EXO’s first debut showcase, D.O could not hold back the urge to figure out what his fellow member had spoken about him. And his honesty did not stop there…

But with D.O’s brute honesty, came his true personality and well let’s say, he wasn’t able to exactly hide his nerves either….

D.O. grew nervous during his first interview close-up. Though we can sit back, pat him on the back and tell him "D.O.-SSI GWENCHANA!" (Or D.O. It’s okay!) Suho made it his misson to never let him or the fans forget his fail.

However regardless of all the trolling, failing, and striking honesty, D.O. managed to show us his real charm! In an interview he exposed that he was sort of the “UMMA" of EXO who takes care of the cooking and at times, picks up behind and nags at the member’s. 

Finally winning this round in the trolling games, D.O. became an expressive EXO member with visual emotions that really blew us away. Along with his expressive facial moments, D.O. kicked up his image a notch by singing “MAMA” well LIVE putting all exo haters/non-believers into a pit-less shame. 

With exceptional vocal talents, D.O. (along side with EXO-M’s Lu Han) was also featured in SMTOWN’s joint song “We Are Family” for “I AM“‘s OST! D.O. truly is a talent that you can not miss out on. Everything about this adorable member really surprises you and makes happy. Weather he’s ganged up with his wilden out buddies (Chanyol/Bacon better known as DERP SQUAD!)

Or if he is just being his normal self, D.O. is really a character that you would want to know. For this, we salute D.O. in his future vocal-wise/variety-wise in EXO! D.O. Kyung Soo we really appreciate you!


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