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yiha cat rocks





cockblocked by luhan 

of course


Lmfao It’s all bacon!

lmfaoooooo All that bacon..lol

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    Best friend: Suho Has a crush on you: Lay First kiss: Sehun Kai No. of children: 3 Cockblocked by: Kris
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    Best friend: Chanyeol Crush on me: Lay First kiss: Baekhyun Luhan No. of children: 4 Cockblocked by: Kai
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    Why am I discovering these things just now @.@ best friend: Chen (O_______O /forever in a state of shock) has a crush on...
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    Try this game guys! Here is my result: Best friend: Suho The one who is crushing on me: Kai First kiss: Suho My Lover:...
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    Best friend : Sehun Has a crush on you me : Kai First kiss : Xiumin Lover : Luhan No. of children : 1 Cockblocked by :...
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    Best friend: Suho has a crush on you: Lay First kiss: Sehun Kai No. of children: None cockblocked by: kris xD
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    yEEESS BAEKHYUN’S MY BEST FRienD !! do i really need to finish this…ok best friend: BAEKHYUN !!
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    best friend: Kai has a crush on you: Xiumin first kiss: Luhan Sehun no. of children: twins cockblocked by: Kai
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    Cockblocked by chen. He so would lol but no point since I already had four kids with Kyungsoo and we aint even married...
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