Exactly on April 8, 2012, 12 aliens came down to earth from a world called EXO Planet. They were divided into two at first, seeing the same sky but standing on different grounds. No matter where they went, "WE ARE ONE" was a phrase which they've lived by to show that no matter where they are, we are all one. A year later the 12 aliens came together, evolved into Wolfs and sought to become the best.They conquered the humans hearts on earth with their aggressive yet protective charms and broke records that hasn't been broken in years. Now as our 12 aliens go back their own ways, split into two, we humans must see and cheer for them on their long journey. #2YearsWithEXO

April 09 2012, 04:58 PM





cockblocked by luhan 

of course


Lmfao It’s all bacon!

lmfaoooooo All that bacon..lol

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    Best friend: Suho Has a crush on you: Lay First kiss: Sehun Kai No. of children: 3 Cockblocked by: Kris
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    Best friend: Chanyeol Crush on me: Lay First kiss: Baekhyun Luhan No. of children: 4 Cockblocked by: Kai
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    Why am I discovering these things just now @.@ best friend: Chen (O_______O /forever in a state of shock) has a crush on...
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    Try this game guys! Here is my result: Best friend: Suho The one who is crushing on me: Kai First kiss: Suho My Lover:...
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    Best friend : Sehun Has a crush on you me : Kai First kiss : Xiumin Lover : Luhan No. of children : 1 Cockblocked by :...
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    Best friend: Suho has a crush on you: Lay First kiss: Sehun Kai No. of children: None cockblocked by: kris xD
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    yEEESS BAEKHYUN’S MY BEST FRienD !! do i really need to finish this…ok best friend: BAEKHYUN !!
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    best friend: Kai has a crush on you: Xiumin first kiss: Luhan Sehun no. of children: twins cockblocked by: Kai
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    Cockblocked by chen. He so would lol but no point since I already had four kids with Kyungsoo and we aint even married...
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